Didn’t expect to see those three things together?

I didn’t either until I was told I needed a crown replaced and a new filling. Being allergic and sensitive to pain medicine (narcotics) means that I must find other ways to deal with painful situations. Luckily, in general, I have a high pain tolerance.

I’m sharing this because someday you might need an alternate way to deal with pain. About 20 mins before my appointment I took an Aleve. When I got to the dentist office, I put Clove Essential Oil diluted with Coconut Oil all along my jaw bone (on the OUTSIDE) and White Fir Essential Oil on the back of my neck. I started Yoga Alternate Nostril Breath and continued (about 10 mins) until the procedure started. Plus, I pretended I was laying out at the beach reading a good book!

I’m lucky because all in all, it really wasn’t too bad! I go back in February to finish up and I don’t expect any issues.

Other people have told me they listen to music, visualize peace, practice yoga, run, daydream, etc. to tolerate and even embrace and understand painful situations in their lives. I hope you have an avenue to do so in your life. Om Shanti, R