We think it’s special and feel we will deepen your journey. We hold space for everyone, regardless of how they arrived, or where they are on their journey. We form lasting friendships. We not only explore the physical yoga poses, but ethics and behavior, self-discipline and faith, breathing, awareness, meditation and reflections on ancient yogic texts. We learn about body work, nutrition, natural health and holistic wellness.

Which Class – Which Teacher?

Your first class should be about finding a teacher you connect with before they even start teaching the class. Choosing the best class comes down to how you feel about it. There are so many types of classes and teachers it’s best to find what makes you feel good.

Clothing and Gear

We recommend comfortable, soft clothing. It’s a good idea to wear or bring layers, such as: socks, a light jacket or wrap. Bring your own mat if you have one, if not, bring a towel. We are not longer supplying mats or props.

Donation Classes

Donation classes are provided so yoga is available for everyone in our commUNITY. Pay what you can. Suggested donation: $5.00. If you cannot pay, please come – we welcome you. The donations are given to a specified charity.


If you are new, come EARLY and introduce yourself to the teacher – let them know about any concerns, health conditions or injuries you are experiencing. Silence your cell phone or place on vibrate if you are expecting a life changing call.


Inclement Weather

If you do not feel safe due to the weather, you should stay home and participate virtually. 

For cancellations, check the MINDBODY App or our website. We will update with any schedule changes, typically one hour prior. After the weather clears, life will go on as planned.


End Of Class Relaxation

If you need to leave class early, please leave prior to relaxation and create as little disturbance as possible.


Meditation is a practice done at the end of some of our classes in which you train your mind to acknowledge the mind’s content without becoming identified with that content.

Yoga Mantra

At the end of class, the teacher may say Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti or Namaste. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti is an invocation of peace and Namaste is a respectful greeting that literally translates as “I bow to you.”

We have established the following policies to maintain standards in customer service and business management:

Member Commitments

Yoga once in while will make most people feel good. A consistent yoga practice can bring about positive, lasting changes in your life… and there is science to back it up! Our commitments allow you to yoga more for less. They are a commitment to yourself and are offered at a discount to support you. Your credit card will be auto-drafted each month on the same date. Cancel online anytime. No cancellation fee.

Multiple Class Pass

Multiple class passes are offered at a discount to support and encourage regular personal practice. Class passes may be shared with family and friends by emailing (info@pranapiloga.com) to arrange. 90-day expiration.

Class Registration, Payment & Cancellation

Registration – Space is limited, we recommend registering for class online to ensure your spot. Payment – Due in full at the time service is rendered. Cancellation – Cancel online (1 hour prior) so other students can attend. If you do not cancel and do not show you will be charged.

Appointment (Private Yoga, Thai Bodywork, Reiki) Registration, Payment and Cancellation

Book an Appointment – Request appointment online or call. Payment – Payment may be required at the time of booking. Cancellation – Must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or may be charged for the full rate of the session.


We will not give refunds for classes, appointments or other offerings taken or partially taken.

Freezing Class Passes and Commitments

We do not freeze, except for extended illness or injury at the Owner’s discretion. Commitments can be cancelled at any time without penalty.

Schedule Changes/Inclement Weather

Our schedules and teachers are subject to change. We reserve the right to cancel or change schedules and teachers. Please check the MindBody App or our website for updates about changes, cancellations, inclement weather and holiday closings. Please use your own judgment whether to travel or not in bad weather.

Retail Returns

We encourage you to be mindful when making retail purchases. Ask us questions about the items. All sales are final.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for in any denomination. Purchase online. Any questions or concerns please ask. We look forward to serving you.

Welcoming and such positive energy…Rebecca your classes – and all the varieties you offer have helped me discover many forms of exercise that I now can say I practice! Absolutely enjoying my journey and every visit to Pranapiloga.

Eden H.