Join the tribe at pranapiloga. Our current offer is a great value!

Take as many classes as you want

Take classes from anywhere you have an internet connection

Dedication to your practice

CommUNITY feel with experienced instructor

No fees – no enrollment fee, no cancellation fee – never had them, never will

Monthly Commitment

$49 monthly

12 Month Commitment

$499 Paid In Full

Drop-In $15
1 Class

INTRO 2 Weeks $25
2 weeks unlimited classes – One time purchase
Starts day of first class attended

WISDOM (Age 65+) 10 CLASS PASS $80
Age 65+
10 Classes
90-day expiration

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10 Class Pass $108
10 Classes
90-day expiration

3 Class Pass $35
3 Classes
90-day expiration

KIDS 10 Class Pass $50
16 and under
10 Classes 90-day expiration

KIDS 3 Class Pass $15
16 and under
3 Classes 90-day expiration

Private Yoga

Learn a solid foundation, including alignment tailored to your body

Not comfortable in a group setting

Need a home practice designed for you

Celebrate a special occasion by yourself (or with friends)

Apply Yogic principles as a modality for healing all parts of your being

Address a specific physical or mental concern

Address a medical diagnosis

Work directly with a qualified experienced teacher. First session covers your medical history, assessment, desired outcome and action plan.

Private Yoga 60 Min $85


At pranapiloga, we support your wellness from a whole person perspective. Your mind, body and soul will be lovingly pampered and nourished.

Thai Bodywork
Reiki (75 Min) 
 Yoga Nidra     

60 Min $85

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be used for yoga, wellness and retail purchases.

$25 Certificate

$50 Certificate

$75 Certificate

$100 Certificate

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