Plant medicine supports us in honoring the cycles and rhythms of our body and aligning them, so that our heart, mind and body can function optimally. Any dis-ease or dis-comfort can be thought of as an imbalance or a loss of synchronicity in rhythm, and is unique in how it manifests in each person. We aim to identify the source of this imbalance and find the plants, or herbal allies, that are best for each unique individual to restore balance and harmony, so that the WHOLE body can thrive.

Initial Consultation (60M to 90M)
We will explore lifestyle patterns so that we can support you in meeting your wellness goals. Whether you are dealing with wellness challenges, dis-ease or discomfort, wanting to function more optimally, or simply curious about plants we are here to support you on your wellness journey. You will fill out and return an Intake Form prior to your appointment so that we can make our time together as productive as possible.

Plant Medicine Session (45M)
These sessions are a time to check in after the consultation to see how the herbal formulations and lifestyle practices offered are working for you. We will adjust any herbal preparations and augment any lifestyle practices so that you continue to progress on your wellness journey.

Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine Consult $75
Plant Medicine $40

Reiki can be translated as ‘universal life energy’ and is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that can promote healing. It is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and allows us to LIVE fully. If one’s “life force energy” is dampened or can’t flow freely that can manifest as mental, emotional, or physical dis-ease, dis-comfort or challenges. Reiki can re-invigorate an harmonize one’s life force so that we can embrace life fully.

Reiki is received when you are clothed and comfortable. There may be a gentle laying of the hands on the body or the practitioner may place the hands just above the body to facilitate the flow of universal life energy. We take time to discuss anything that is showing up, any practices that may support you and we ensure you are feeling grounded before walking out into the world.

75M – You will receive 45 mins of Reiki – with 15 minutes before and after the session to prepare for and ground respectively. For those who haven’t experienced Reiki, we suggest this session as a nice starting place.

90M – You will receive 60 mins of Reiki – with 15 minutes before and after the session to prepare for and ground respectively. This session allows time to tend to heart-mind-body. We recommend this session for those who have experienced Reiki before.

120M – You will receive 90 mins of Reiki. This session is ideal for those who have experienced Reiki and would like to receive a deep, full heart-mind-body healing session.


75M Connect $65
90M Align $80
120M Harmonize $110

You will be guided through a series of yoga postures, while working along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. This results in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically. Fully clothed, hands on work.

Thai Bodywork 60M $75

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known, is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain. While the practitioner rests comfortably in savasana, this systematic meditation takes you through the layers of self, leaving you with a sense of wholeness.

Yoga Nidra 60M $75

Crystal Sound Therapy, also known as vibrational medicine, employs the vibrations of crystal singing bowls. While the practitioner rests comfortably in savasana, the vibrations guide you to go beyond relaxation to a deeper state and stimulate healing.

Crystal Sound Therapy 60M $75

Jenn Mintz

Jenn’s first glimpse into the power of plant medicine was when she was 13. She had travelled to a Caribbean island to study the plants of the ocean, but was given the opportunity to travel away from the coral reefs and up the hillside to learn about island culture for an afternoon. Jenn was fortunate to pursue studies in foundational and clinical herbalism at Sky House Herb School and with the Gaiananda School (of the Rosemary Gladstar or Wise Women tradition) and is extremely grateful for her teachers – the humans and the plants – as she continues to learn each day from their wisdom. In her free time, Jenn enjoys putting energy towards her and her partner’s homestead, hiking and identifying herbal allies. She serves as a yoga guide, massage therapist, and reiki practitioner at Pranapiloga, and is co-founder of In True Nature.

Nora Rice

Nora has an abiding love of Mother Nature and a deep appreciation of plants, forests and wild places. Nora completed a three year Clinical Program of Herbalism at Sacred Plant Traditions. She is humbled and honored to share traditional herbal practices as well as gardening tips and culinary treats. She is grateful to Kathleen Maier, owner of Sacred Plant Traditions, for guidance and support during her herbal journey. Nora is privileged to have studied with many herbalists, including Rosemary Gladstar, Matthew Woods and Mimi Hernandez. She is the owner of Melissae Herbs and Honey and a member of the American Herbalists Guild.

My first Reiki experience was warm, enjoyable and special, due in large part because of Jenn herself. She spent the time meeting with me in person as I considered an appointment, and also spent ample time before and after my first session as well. I am glad I found her and will be back for more Reiki!

T. G.