I combine The Eight Limbs of Yoga, Thai Bodywork and Reiki into an Integrated Wellness Session working along the body’s pressure points and with our Subtle energy. Our holistic session is done on a massage table (heat optional) while you are fully clothed.

Integrated Wellness Sessions are a comprehensive full body treatment that can relieve muscular tension, improve circulation, boost the immune system and harmonize the body energetically.

We take time to discuss anything that is showing up and ensure you are feeling grounded before walking out into the world.

Integrated Wellness Sessions are donation based. Contact Rebecca directly at or (571) 233.9187 to book.

Note: In the East, the modality is referred to Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Massage. Since I have not trained in Thailand, I use the name Thai Bodywork.


Rebecca‘s ability to bridge physical healing with spiritual healing during each session is nothing short of miraculous.

My first Reiki experience was warm, enjoyable and special. I will be back for more Reiki!