At pranapiloga, we support your wellness from a whole person perspective. Your mind, body and soul will be lovingly pampered and nourished.

  • Reiki is a energy healing to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.
  • Plant Medicine is a modality to heal the body and/or mind from illness and dis-ease by preparations made from plants.

Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership  $150
Unlimited yoga
One 60-min massage
One 45-min plant medicine session




Reiki 75 Minute Session $50
Reiki 90 Minute Session $75
Reiki 120 Minute Session $100

Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine $40
Plant Medicine Consult $60

My first Reiki experience was warm, enjoyable and special, due in large part because of Jenn herself. She spent the time meeting with me in person as I considered an appointment, and also spent ample time before and after my first session as well. I am glad I found her and will be back for more Reiki!

T. G.

Jenn Bennett-Mintz LMT

Jenn Bennett-Mintz LMT has always been fascinated by the mind-body connection and how vital it is to our wellbeing. This has lead her to studies in movement, body, and energy work including yoga, mindfulness, plant medicine, massage, and reiki. These practices have been integral to her wellness journey, and she is looking forward to offering these modalities to support your mind and body in wellness. License #0019015838

Nora K. Rice

Nora has an abiding love of Mother Nature and a deep appreciation of plants, forests and wild places. Nora completed a three year Clinical Program of Herbalism at Sacred Plant Traditions. She is humbled and honored to share traditional herbal practices as well as gardening tips and culinary treats. She is grateful to Kathleen Maier, owner of Sacred Plant Traditions, for guidance and support during her herbal journey. Nora is privileged to have studied with many herbalists, including Rosemary Gladstar, Matthew Woods and Mimi Hernandez. She is the owner of Melissae Herbs and Honey and a member of the American Herbalists Guild.

Margie Eiserman

Ever since childhood, I have been drawn to the philosophy of mysticism and spiritual development.  I’ve felt that my mission and purpose in life is to be of service to others and to lead a meaningful life.  I wasn’t conscious of my true Spiritual inner calling until I was diagnosed a few years ago with a rare form of cancer, drastically and painfully changing the course of my life.

Four years ago, I began to truly embrace who I am, surrendered, and followed my Spiritual calling. I immersed myself in spiritual studies, enriched my soul while attending conferences, workshops and trainings, and still continue to do so—I haven’t looked back. I am now a Reiki Master and have the ability to teach Reiki to others.  I aim to learn other energy healing modalities complementary to my Reiki practice and to become a Licensed Reiki Master teacher – yes, to be able to heal, help, and teach others.  I am now living the life I was meant to live…I love who I have become and am embracing my constant evolution.