we are slowly adding more yoga, pilates and fitness classes as we transition from summer to fall. it is an honor to offer such a wonderful resource to our commUNITY. we are blessed with wonderful teachers who all have their own personal wellness stories to share – to motivate and encourage. we get so excited when a new person walks through our doors.

the people i worry about are the ones that never walk through our door, never walk through any door to join a commUNITY of like-minded individuals that love to support each other.

two key components – nutrition and movement – seem to elude people. maybe they start one and quickly get discouraged or they jump in 125% and realize they can’t maintain the high standard they set for themselves. most people never even try. or, if they do, it is because they have had a health scare from a lifetime of unhealthy habits.

i ask people – what prevents you from enjoying the benefits of healthy living?

they answer “i can’t afford it, i don’t have time, i’m not flexible or strong or balanced.”

i used to believe that all those statements were true. now, i believe they are just excuses.

what i think people are really saying is “i don’t love myself enough to even try.”

it breaks my heart and makes me even more determined to keep rolling along.

i offer classes in a supportive environment with qualified, caring, non-judgemental instructors.

love yourself enough to walk through the door.