P1000026 Wow! It comes and goes so quickly after the planning and prep work are done.

It’s been just over a month already since the Festival and the positive comments, feedback and ideas, keep coming in – thank you!

Some people have asked, “Was it successful?”

To answer, I rely on the class mantra from my 300-hour teacher training “It Depends!”  How do you “measure” success for a yoga festival?

I think it has to do with smiles.

We had great volunteers who worked really, really hard to make this happen both before and during the event and they smiled all day.

We had amazing vendors who did not hesitate to sign up, show up, donate raffle prices, educate attendees on their products and they smiled all day. Super special props to the vendors that signed up for the 1st Annual Festival even though I could not answer the number one question I kept getting when trying to sell sponsorships, “How many attendees will show up?”

We gave away 91 gift bags, yes, that’s right 91!  I had told several prospective vendors that I expected 100 people and they looked at me like a had a screw loose. (It’s probably true but that’s for another post!)

Those 91 people that showed up and got a gift bag – they were smiling! Some people came and didn’t take a gift bag and they were still smiling!

The new and seasoned yogi’s that showed up and took from 1 to all 9 classes, smiled, smiled, smiled. They learned new styles, new ways of defining yoga, new ways of connecting, new commUNITY resources. They were blissed out!

The awesome and talented musical duo of Gita’s Dream Kirtan was responsible for lots of those smiles. It is a rare treat to take a class to live music. It is a rare treat to experience it, gently in the background, throughout the day and at a closing circle chant ceremony.  Smiles to Gita and Christopher!

By my criteria – our 1st Annual Love & Light Yoga Festival was successful.

Lots of pictures, with more to follow on Facebook!