IMG_1177little did i know when i drove home from the Love Your Body Yoga Festival in Reston, VA this past June that i would decide i can do the same thing! i can plan a yoga and wellness for our fledgling culpeper, va commUNITY – ha, with lots of help it’s happening!

tally so far:  5 amazing volunteers, several vendors, a kirtan artist, a venue, a small budget, a huge excel spreadsheet, a website, a logo, marketing materials, a facebook page and amazing people along the way!

i’ve also found that people here are not too sure about yoga. they are not sure they want to be associated with something like this – maybe i am not explaining my vision clearly or they think there is something odd about yoga and wellness. i’ve offered lots of sponsorship options, told everyone that i will work with whatever budget they have, yet still they hesitate.

i keep getting the same question – how many people do you think will come? it’s hard to say since it’s the 1st annual event. i tell them i have 100 gift bags to give away and they seem shocked that 100 people could show up. why wouldn’t 100 people show up, why not double or triple!?! i’ve always been a dreamer – why not look to the stars!

all i can hope for is that when the day comes (sunday, sept 7, 10am to 2pm) that curiosity seekers come out of the dark into the love and light to join all the yoginis and wellness advocates for hours of fun!