Membership Plans

Membership Benefits

  • Classes as low as $1.08
  • Convenient auto-pay
  • Dedication to your practice
  • Community feel with experienced instructors

Yoga Monthly Member $65

Unlimited classes
Auto renew
Cancel anytime
No cancellation fee

Yoga Annual Member $708
Unlimited classes
Studio t-shirt
10% off workshops


Yoga NEW Client $28

NEW clients only
2 Weeks unlimited classes

10 Class Pass $108

10 Classes – 1 year expiration
Want to share your pass? Email me name of person (s) & voila!

Drop-In $18

1 Class

Yoga Kid $5

16 and under
1 Class


-Learn a solid foundation, including alignment tailored to your body
-Not comfortable in a group setting
-Need a home practice designed expertly for you
-Want to focus on a specific concerns (tight hips)
-Celebrate a special occasion by yourself (or with friends)

-Apply Yogic principles as a modality for healing all parts of your being
-Address a specific physical or mental concern
-Address a medical diagnosis

Work directly with a qualified experienced teacher. An initial consultation may be required. It covers your medical history, assessment, desired outcome and action plan.

Private Monthly Membership
Two 1-Hour Sessions $140 ($70 hourly)



Private Annual Membership
24 1-Hour Sessions $1560 ($65 hourly)



One 1-Hour Session $75
Yoga Private Consult $100


Monthly Membership Benefits

  • Save $10 per session hour
  • Extended scheduling availability – preferred nights/weekends booking
  • Share sessions with family and friends
  • Hours rollover if unused
  • Additional hours can be purchased at your membership rate
  • Purchase gift certificates at your membership rate
  • Convert unused session hours to gift certificates for friends and family
  • Member rate locked in as long as you remain a member – No Rate Increases

Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership
$120 member rate
Two massages ($60 hourly)



Annual Membership
$720 member rate
Twelve 60-minute massages



Single Sessions

30 Minute Focus $40
60 Minute Focus $70
90 Minute Focus $100
120 Minute Focus $140


At pranapiloga, we support your wellness from a whole person perspective. Your mind, body and soul will be lovingly pampered and nourished.

  • Reiki is a energy healing to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.
  • Plant Medicine is a modality to heal the body and/or mind from illness and dis-ease by preparations made from plants.


Reiki 75 Minute Session $50
Reiki 90 Minute Session $75
Reiki 120 Minute Session $100

Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine $40
Plant Medicine Consult $60


Gift Certificates are available for yoga, massage and retail in any denomination.

$25 Certificate

$50 Certificate

$75 Certificate

$100 Certificate

Gift Certificate (add value)

Combination Memberships

We offer memberships that include Yoga and Massage to support your whole body health.

Combo Monthly Membership $120

Unlimited yoga
One 60-minute massage


Combo Annual Membership $1440

Unlimited yoga
Twelve 60-minute massages